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Incubating Internet Innovation Hubs (I3H)

The "EIT Digital (formerly EIT ICT Labs) "Incubating Internet Innovation Hubs" (I3H) project is geared towards the development of "innovation and business development expert centers" across Europe.

Our objective is to deploy a European network of Internet Innovation Hubs (IIH) to speed up the transformation of innovative business and FI-PPP ( results to services and applications addressing the needs of European citizens, companies, and society.

Our work focuses on identifying candidate hubs and on guiding them towards becoming full-fledged IIH's with hands-on coaching, resources, tools and support, covering both technical development and business expertise.

Stage Gate Monitoring Process

Selected hubs will also benefit from the FIWARE ( public and royalty-free architecture, offering a set of open specifications allowing developers, service providers, enterprises and other organizations to easily develop innovative products and services.


Acting as an open alternative to existing proprietary Internet platforms, FIWARE provides enhanced OpenStack-based cloud hosting capabilities plus a rich library of components offering a number of added-value functions offered “as a Service”. These components, called Generic Enablers (GEs), provide open standard APIs that make it easier to connect to the Internet of Things, process data and media in real-time at large scale, perform BigData analysis or incorporate advanced features to interaction with the user.

By fulfilling our objective to deploy flagship Internet Innovation Hubs across Europe, this initiative will also support the FI-PPP ('s mission, objectives and the emerging European Internet innovation community through the identification of new stakeholders and technology & business roadmapping.

What We Offer?

In a nutshell:

Services as a network of iHubs to Startups Services as a network of iHubs to Corporates Membership benefits for iHubs
FIWARE-Acceleration-as-a-Service FIWARE enabled corporate innovation FIWAREness
FIWARE Data FIWARE Data Quality
Startup Exchange Structured startup collaboration Exchange of expertise (tech, business, etc.)
Soft Landing Standardization support International scalability
Corporate / Smart City partnerships Aqcuisition tools Partnerships
iHub Community iHub Community iHub Community

Our offering for iHubs and their customers is:

We provide targeted and tailored trainings about FIWARE, the technologies (generic and specific enablers, APIs), use of Open Source software, how to provide FIWARE locally, possibilities for the Hubs' SMEs and Start-Ups interested in creating their applications on the platform.
I3H Network
We support our members in providing access to a broader network (EIT Digital, other hubs, European networks and organisations), facilitating cross-border collaboration and international connections. Participation in a variety of events and conferences organised by the project as well as by the extended network stimulate the networking aspect.
Presentation of members
Tell your story
We offer our members a platform where they can interact, offer special services to the network (e.g. exchange of Start-Ups), communicate best practices to a wider audience, promote interesting Start-Ups, get extended connections to finance, etc.
Build an European Network
Organizing Networking Events to our members!
Our Next Call
To expand our network we launch Open Calls for new candidate hubs that are interested in joining our exciting network; although deadline for the second Call was March 31st, 2015, tell us if you are interested to join us. Get connected to us! Open Call
Thinking beyond tomorrow
We envision the sustainability of the network beyond project's lifetime by creating a legal entity representing the members of the network. Collaboration with additional networks in Europe and abroad is foreseen to increase the possibility for our members to connect and exchange best practices and get extended access to international financing for their Start-Ups.
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Second open call to scout the best Internet Innovation Hubs in Europe is
was open until March 31, 2015.
If you are interested to join us later, fill the application form:

I3H Network

To deploy flagship Internet Innovation Hubs across Europe, the I3H initiative relies on a pan-european network expertise covering innovation management and business development involving web entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, students, academia, industry, and public sector innovators.

I3H Core Team

At the heart of the project is the I3H European network formed by the nodes of the EIT Digital in Budapest, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Madrid, Paris and Trento, the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) on information society of the European Institute of Innovations and Technology (EIT), in collaboration with some leading European institutions in the field of ICT innovation:

Acting as our initial relay across Europe is the network of EIT Digital hubs located in Budapest, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Madrid, Paris and Trento, acting as nodes of EIT Digital, the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) on information society of the European Institute of Innovations and Technology (EIT).

I3H Hub Network

I3H Members

ABC accelerator (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Bolt Accelerator (Malaga, Spain), ClujHub (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), ETVentures (Berlin, Germany), Faubourg Numérique (St Quentin, France), INiTS (Vienna, Austria), InovaJet (Prague, Czech Republic), IPN Incubadora (Coimbra, Portugal), JIC (Brno, Czech Republic), Poznan IIH (Poznan, Poland), Technoport (Luxembourg).

EIT Digital Network

EIT Digital is one of the first Knowledge and Innovation Communities set up by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as an initiative of the European Union.

EIT Digital’ target is to empower ICT top talents and bring ICT innovations to life by fostering excellence, talent and entrepreneurship.

I3H project is fully supported by the EIT Digital, and relies also on its vast and sustainable network available through the EIT Digital partnerships established with some of the leading organisations, universities, research institutes and companies, in the field of ICT:

Core Partners
Affiliate Partners
Associate Partners

FI-PPP/FIWARE (Future Internet Public-Private-Partnership).

I3H is the outcome of a collaboration action between EIT Digital and FI-PPP. The latter aims to contribute to the sustainability of the Future Internet increasing the effectiveness of business processes and strengthen the competitive position of European industry in the ICT sectors.

Through the creation of an European network of Internet Innovation Hubs (I3H), web entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, students, academia, industry and public sector innovators will be brought together to accelerate the transformation of FIWARE technology to service and applications for the new generation of the Future Internet technologies, addressing the needs of European citizens, companies and society.

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Allowing cost-effective creation and delivery of versatile digital services, high quality of service and security guarantees, the FIWARE ecosystem and platform aims to reduce obstacles and foster innovation and entrepreneurship by:

  • Offering a set of open APIs that allow developers to avoid getting tied to any specific vendor, therefore protecting application developer's investment.
  • Providing a powerful foundation for the Future Internet, cultivating a sustainable ecosystem for:
    • Service providers: delivering new applications and solutions meeting the requirements of established and emerging areas of use.
    • End users and consumers actively participating in content and service consumption and creation

Finally, our network also extends to key industrial stakeholders in Europe and beyond, liaising with selected groups of web entrepreneurs and SME's, allowing insights on the developments of major markets such as USA, Japan, Canada, BRIC countries, and emergent markets, linking with EIT Digital' own foresight.

iHub is a network of business incubators-accelerators throughout Europe, covering almost every region of the continent and even beyond based on the I3H project

News / Events

Upcomming Events


- 2nd I3H Bootcamp in Vienna May 26-27
- IPN Incubadora was organising a FIWARE infoday on 20th of February
- Poznan was presenting FIWARE / FITMan at a furniture fair 17-20 Feb
- Developers' Week in Madrid 9-13 March for FIWARE techies
- ClujHub presented FIWARE us in 19-20 March
- I3H Second Open call jury gathered in Trento on April 14
- EIT Digital Partners Event 15-16 April
- I3H Working Groups meeting in Malaga on April 20
- Club Malaga Valley featuring EIT Digital & FIWARE collaboration on April 21

5 Internet Innovation Hubs selected to join I3H project in the Second call

Speedup! Europe (Hamburg, Germany)
Coffee Ventures (Vilnius, Lithuania)
ABC accelerator (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
JIC (Brno, Czech Republic)
Plug'nWork (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

13 European Internet Innovation Hubs selected to join I3H project in the First Call

A group of 13 Hubs have been selected to become Internet Innovation Hubs and new members of the I3H network, chosen from the first open call finished on the 15th of November. This is a project born out of the collaboration between EIT Digital, FI-PPP, and FIWARE

Applications were submitted from 17 European countries, all of them very competitive and highly qualified, and after carefully consideration of all the candidates, it has been decided to bring on board the following Hubs, which best meet the requirements to become members of I3H:

Bolt Accelerator (Malaga, Spain)
CIE (Oulu, Finland)
ClujHub (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
EMGI (Tel Aviv, Israel)
ETVentures (Berlin, Germany)
Faubourg Numérique (St Quentin, France)
iCatapult (Budapest, Hungary)
INiTS (Vienna, Austria)
InovaJet (Prague, Czech Republic)
IPN Incubadora (Coimbra, Portugal)
Poznan IIH (Poznan, Poland)
Tehnopol (Tallin, Estonia)
Technoport (Luxembourg)

First I3H bootcamp for new members held in January 20-23 2015 in Paris

We are glad to announce that the first I3H bootcamp toke place in the Paris EIT Digital CLC facilities, from the 20th to the 23rd of January.

The four day meeting served as the kick-start point for the stage gate incubation process of the new Hubs, recently involved in the project, bring together the core team of I3H with new members, and keen growing the innovation network ecosystem all over Europe, that we aim to achieve.

Some of the activities scheduled during the bootcamp included presentation pitches by each one of the selected Hubs, negotiations and business mentoring by our team of experts, FIWARE introduction, technical training and use cases, lectures and talks of other similar FIWARE initiatives, and next steps guidelines.

Open Calls

Are you and European Hub? Interested in joining our network? Apply now if you meet the following criteria:


You are a physical hotspot.


You bring together web entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, technology, developers & experts, public sector innovators and large industry representatives.


Connected to an accelerator providing business development and backend services, as well as workspaces.


FIWARE savvy.


Connected to special infrastructures like energy, smart city, mobility, education, open data, 3D printing, testing, etc.


Sensitive to grass-roots movements.


Owning legal entity.


Willing to grow European and global.

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